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Re: New IRLX Video
 Author: X244mBbOazv October 23, 2013 at 18:21:18 
in reply to: Re: New IRLX Video posted by Adam on November 7, 2005 at 23:26:27
    SB,I use the lanyard bsceuae that is what it came with... and I am somewhat a creature of inertia (g).That being the case. I just adapted to it. I usually carry a light in a weak side pants cargo pocket, all by itself. It doesn't have anything to snag. If I am wearing the Blackhawk pants, they have internal elastic gussets in the cargo pockets which will keep either magazine or flashlight oriented correctly.I'll probably get around to trying the tiger ring one day, when I come across one. It's just a matter of time. For now, I make do with the lanyard.Wrapping the lanyard around my hand.... I do that with malice aforethought. I have learned the hard way that my environment is actively reaching out to snag me at all times. Anything I have hanging loose WILL get caught on something, and usually just when I don't need a distraction. I can still ditch the light by relaxing my hand and flipping it away, should I need to. It's how I normally remove it from my hand when I am done with the light.... just relax my left hand and the light drops into my right, lanyard and all.Alternate carry methods... and here is where the lanyard comes in especially strong... when I am 'dressed down and light', I hang the light around my neck like a pendant. The lanyard works for that. As for clipping it on a pocket... the light has no clip, and years of working as a tech have taught me that 'clipping' things to myself is usually a recipe for loss.The reason I stick to syringe on the modified Harries is simplicity. I try to use one method of holding the light in every conceivable situation, so it becomes ingrained in muscle memory. I know how thought processes change under stress... and I know training takes over when critical thinking fails. By sticking with the syringe hold if at all possible, it's one less transition, one less opportunity for fumbling.One day, perhaps, I will be able to get some training with folks who know what they are doing. I'd truly enjoy packing that skill bag a little more full.Thank you for the thoughtful suggestions. Each and every one will be strongly considered!Art    
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