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Re: repeating files
 Author: 0u8Ii6EnDU December 20, 2015 at 19:39:12 
in reply to: Re: repeating files posted by 3wR8feYOl on October 11, 2015 at 23:48:05
    Great post Richard! I actually wnated to comment on a few things because self-promotion is something that I struggle with as well.Learning how to work social media can be really difficult. However, it's word of mouth that helps anything become viral. Before I started selling my novel, I gave my Facebook friends 325 people a heads up that my novel was coming out. I asked that they'd invite friends to a social event to purchase my novel on one day. That came to a total of 1000+ people. Total books bought 76.I know a lot of my Facebook friends. They're not random people. The relationship building helped me get a lot done. Instead of spamming people on Twitter, I built connections with them too. Quite a few of them signed up for the purchasing event, which helped increase my sales. Many of them still retweet advertisement about my novel. One even read the book and wrote a review.Also, KDP is a great program for new authors. I've given away over 600 copies of my novel so far, which helped me sell more in the long run.Though I don't sell 100 books per month, I've reached best sellers list in my genres twice. My advice I want to add to your great post is to build relationships. For anyone using social media, remember the term social.    
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