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Re: Our Own Fools Self-Help Guide To Shoes Simplified
 Author: gSq8r2y7g December 20, 2015 at 19:47:43 
in reply to: Re: Our Own Fools Self-Help Guide To Shoes Simplified posted by fJKuAx0h on August 22, 2014 at 13:20:06
    What size is this additional fuel tank? Do you think at a price tag of $1700.00 this is going to get pelpoe from carrying extra 5 gallon gas cans over a 4.5 hour install? I know you can still carry the gas cans and now you have this addition and I do appreciate all of your information on your site.I was just throwing my two cents out there. I have owned a 1979 FJ40 for some time, my wife purchased a 2007 FJ Cruiser about 2 years ago and she just bought me one like hers to shut me up about complaining on my back hurting all the time lol. I guess you can call us total goobers because I just added stickers to both FJC's to make them look like the cop car (Barricade) from the movie Transformers. I did add K-9 Unit also because we always have our dogs with us. I can send you some pictures later on if you are interested in seeing how great a FJC can look as a cop vehicle. My FJ has a 3 inch lift, 33 11.50 Goodyear MTs, Bushwacker pocket fender flares, rock sliders, stealth LED strobe lights, police siren with pa, and the future mods list is longgggg. Some ideas are on board air, roof light bar with off road lights anywhere I can fit them, second battery system (if needed), bumpers, wheels, snorkel, hi-lift jack, spare tire gas can mount ..Keep up the good work!    
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