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 Author: wOM6uGysLs7 December 20, 2015 at 19:47:58 
in reply to: Re: 2 questions... posted by uuBnjhZTgb on October 11, 2015 at 23:32:58
    I take my cue from Jesus in the garden. He shows up just how itmnrpaot intimate relationships are. He was in a time of extreme pain, about to go to the cross and chose to open himself up to imperfect people. He just wanted them close by. He wanted Peter, James and John to be there with Him even though there was nothing they could do to change the outcome of what was about to happen to Jesus and Jesus knew it. Despite that He tried three times to wake them because He wanted people there when He hurt. If He didn't He would not have tried over and over. I mean He was the Son of God and needed people so I guess we do too.As ministry leaders we have often been trained to give people an impression that we are good all of the time and we pull away from people so they do not se our humanity. The whole never let them see you sweat scenario. But that is not real life. If Jesus thought it was ok to let people in who were imperfect (and about to deny Him) then I think it is ok for me to have friends close in who see the real me and it be ok. They will let me down at times and I them, but it is worth it.So to sum it all up. We need to know the difference between a Peter and a Judas. Sometimes we throw people into the Judas category because we have been hurt before and that is a mistake, they might just be a Peter who does some dumb stuff but really is true blue and just in need of some maturity. On the other hand we put Judas' in places we shouldn't because we don't use discernment in our relationships. We let the wrong people in.We cannot withdrawal from people because of fear even though it is tempting at times. We just don't want to risk it sometimes. But, God is much better at protecting me that I am at protecting me. I am going to continue to let Him do His job as our church grows and try to not withdrawal when I am tempted too.    
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