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 Author: 4DBJIJoA December 20, 2015 at 20:05:52 
in reply to: Re: posted by Cv0iSUwPb on August 22, 2014 at 00:00:15
    He's always been a sbithag, even before he was a Packer. Used to show up still drunk or hungover to Falcons meetings. But when he was a Packer, he was OUR sbithag. Our Favorite Shitbag. Addicted to Vicodin? OK, Shitbag. Chuck more season-ending Ints? OK, sbithag. Threaten to retire every offseason for five years? OK, Shitbag. Finally retire, then act the way you did after the Packers? OK, Shitbag. Sexting? By a 40 year old? All that crap will be overlooked one day to acknowledge the 16 years of thrills he provided. Paul Hornung slung a lot of shit in his day, but we love him for all he gave us as a Packer. A few more years is all it's gonna take. I just can't see a camp punter with #4. Ever.    
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