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Re: outside 2?
 Author: cecd1kUhDSu December 20, 2015 at 20:53:14 
in reply to: Re: outside 2? posted by yjQFEczLxE1 on October 11, 2015 at 23:38:31
    Hi Robert,As a follower of your blog, is my first conemt,
so first of all, thx for your blog, your time, and your
posts and ideas, there is a long time i read you, but never
posted before =)Now, have i think about the fact that big
ISP buy big ranges of IPs, and this makes some IPs dynamic
asigned to ISP clients?I mean, depending on result, maybe
would be more interesting, filtering or tracing the jumps
to the ISP node, asi those "ISP finnal client IPs" will
change constantly his IP when loggoff or whatever makes
Dynamic IP Clients change/reassign his IP, no?But would be
more clear to see with range belongs to wich ISP, and maybe
have some way to see Static IP, or Dynamic IP (i dont think
this would be easy/possible), but would be usefull to make
a map of ISP IP ranges and so on?B
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