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Re: outside 2?
 Author: MJMzkwltUr December 20, 2015 at 22:09:26 
in reply to: outside 2? posted by Geert on January 13, 2009 at 09:47:49
    I have fought my way tougrhh black holes and worm holes, and past fiery hot melting rods glowing with the fires of a radio-active hell to get to AstroOceanOmy!!!! So it is very good to be back in it, albeit a little battle scarred and possibly a touch irradiated You are so right about the most valuable thing in this life it is a lesson I have learned well recently. Material possessions are just that. They mean very little when push comes to shove. It has been costly to replace the essentials I had to leave behind but it is a very small price to pay to remembering the most important things in life are quite definately not the material ones. We can become so busy protecting our material things and building them up that compassion for others, time and patience and willingness to be there when we are needed can so easily be tossed by the wayside without us even realising it has happened. You are also so right about personal security priceless! As you find out when it's well and truly gone!I totally understand where you're coming from re the huge rent situation. It's sky high down here too, and it's unlikely I personally would ever be able to afford even a tiny one bedroom flat in this area. The bills are a nightmare on top of the rent, and I'm sure it must seem quite daunting for you too at times. But you have everything going for you, you are clearly a very intelligent and well educated man with a great future ahead of you and I am sure when the time's right you will find a lovely and intelligent wife to share your life with! On your own or as two people togetherI am certain you will be able to manage an independant home and bills in a very impressive fashion, when the time comes Clear skies and bright futures!    
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