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my girlfriend and menthols
 Author: brian November 12, 2005 at 18:29:32 
    hi all, im usually just looking around at these sites, but
i have a question for some of the women smokers who post
here. my girlfriend has told me how much she really has
taken to menthol cigarettes... shes smoking marlboro milds
100's right now. im about to go get her a few cartons on my
next trip to get such... and i was just wondering if any of
the women menthol smokers could suggest some brands that i
could get that she might like? im pretty sure she likes a
full flavored menthol, as some of her friends have tried
the ones shes smoking now, and say they are nice and rich
tasting. and i know for sure she'd want them to be the
100's. please... any help here would be GREATLY
appreciated... as she means the world to me, and i want her
to be happy in every facet of her life, even as to what she
smokes... thank you all in advance for your help, and all
replies will be responded to!

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