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a few quick questions
 Author: junk king November 30, 2005 at 00:31:38 
    Hey Adam, I love your sites and have been a fan (and subscriber) for a long time. a few questions...

(1) How do you decide what brand a model smokes ? do you
let the models pick or do you just say "she would look good
with this brand..." I know you've said (long ago) you have
a strong preference for "whites" and I thank you for
realizing there are a lot of cork fans out there and doing
what your buyers want (unlike some other webmasters).

(2) do you ever get models who, before the first shoot,
"chicken out" and leave ?

(3) i think it is common knowledge that the model's names
aren't their real names in real life. how do you pick their
names ? is it just random or do you pick a name which
"fits" their look. ie. "she looks like a bobbie" ?
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