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 Author: Adam January 3, 2008 at 15:40:18 
    Happy New Year.

As many of you may have noticed by now, the material that
I've been releasing at IRL and IRLX has changed (hopefully
for the better) over the last month or two.

For personal reasons I've been extremely limited over the
last 18 months in shooting locations, number and quality of
models, and especially time - and I know that's been
reflected in some of the IRL and IRLX material that's been
released during that time.

Things in my life have changed in the last few months, and
now I'm able to put more time and effort into the videos
and the sites - more and better locations, different
models, and different looks. I think that is already
starting to show in the latest IRL and IRLX releases - and
I'm expecting that things will keep improving from this
point on.

Thanks for supporting IRL and IRLX during this period, and
to show my appreciation the IRL video sale will continue at
least for a while.

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