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For Archive and IRLX members who joined through iBill
 Author: Adam March 13, 2005 at 05:40:06 
    As you may know, other companies in our community have had major problems with iBill. I have too.

They have been collecting from our members who signed with
iBill every month - and since September, they have either
been wasting, hiding or stealing that money. None of it
ever makes it back to IRL. Now that it's been six months,
and they've broken every promise that they've made to pay,
it looks more like they'll go bankrupt, than ever send us
the money that you've paid to belong to IRLA and IRLX.
That's why I've decided to cut all relationships with

Those members who signed up through iBill will be able to access the sites until the end of their paid period. After that, their access will be cut off - and you'll have to rejoin the site(s) through CCBill.

You can do that easily, just by going to the front of the
site and clicking on "join" - and signing up again.

I'm sorry this will be a pain in the butt for some of you, but I just can't keep going with the membership fees being poured into a black hole in Florida, and never seeing them. The whole iBill mess will probably end up with a ton of court cases and bankrupcy, and I don't want to hang around to watch.

Thanks for understanding and hope you'll sign up again with
CCBill once your iBill memberships expire.

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